An Under Construction Prayer

0710131318 0710131321   Using an event in my life, involving jackhammers, mixer trucks, tractors, levels, and cement:  I offer this up to God today.  DRIVEWAY PRAYER

Open the driveway to my heart, Lord.    Renew the entrance to my life.  I want to welcome You.  I want You to easily drive in and drop by for a visit.  So, I will have some work done to that end, in Your Holy Spirit, the Regenerator, the Renewer of my life.

Open the driveway to my heart, Lord.    Make new the way into my heart and home, I want to have You there often, and the presence of Your many friends too, to my life.

Get out the jackhammer and pummel the entranceway from the road of life.  Clear out the old, bring in the new.   Lay new cement and smooth it out Lord, that the way in to visit it me by new and good.

I pray for the new entranceway to be right and true.   I welcome Your coming to see me anew.   Thank You and bless You.   Alleluia.

Open the driveway of my heart, Lord!  And may You and all friends find a new and smooth welcome here to me.


the City of Bowie is redoing the 1970 driveways for residents in my neighhborhood.  Observe my new one and the neighbors new one across the road.

My Pentecost Poem

Pentecost Poem:    Wondering about speaking to God
(Can words say what I really want to say to God?)

God: You’re just too marvelous for words, too marvelous for words
Like “glorious”, “victorious” and surely “meritorious”
They can’t describe how You are
but it’s, at least, a start
You’re fantabulous, razzmatazzbulous–How Great Thou Art!

You’re all too wonderful, I’ll-never-find-the-words-that-will-do-it
That say enough, and tell enough, and altogether gell enough!
To whatever I say:  add “very, very ”
to superlatives I pull from-the-Dictionary.
but You’re too marvelous for words, indescribable in a word:
In case You haven’t heard,

Could I call You “awesome,” “fantastic,” or “majestic?”
How about Disney’s “supercalafragalistic?”
What phrase does one say
to properly convey
that You’re wonderful, incredible,
O God so Infallible!

My words seem so insufficient
when speaking to One Who’s Omniscient
I’d have to come up with a phrase so stupendous
To give tribute to He Who is Endless
A million words could I throw together?
to honor the Lord Who lives forever?!?
But my vocabulary’s not swell enough
to ever come near to tell enough
of Your treasure
What do I say?  It’s so absurd!
To bless You with any given word?!
One enters the delirious
to go bless the Mysterious,
to approach it how can I be serious?
“Naphtali is a doe set free
He gives beautiful words”
Yet new in covenant
to you, Heaven-sent sent
I will give you words,
with new life, as Sacrament

You give me Words of Scripture
You give me Bread of Life
You put within me Your own\Spirit
That when I speak
My unworthiness you tweak
to make it so You can hear it.

When I go to words of praise
By Jesus’ Spirit  they are raised
–On high that You are pleased
in this Communion of The High Priest!

In the Mass I give exultation
By Jesus’ Dying/Rising celebration
We join in The Incarnation
of You mediating new birth
on the Earth

And humbly partake of Life in Christ
— united with His Sacrifice
We know that we’re not worthy but only say the Word
Send down the Spirit and like a winged bird–

Alight on our gifts   on our lives
and make them blessed
Because the Word is made flesh
we have hope and hesed*

We’ll be faithful to The Living Word
Like Napthali rejoice in what we’ve heard
The Call of Freedom to dance on the earth
we’re celebrating New Birth

His Good News to our hearts
to the world we share imparts
His Message/ His Story all worth telling
Jesus to the Church indwelling

So to a Liturgy I come to share
in prayers and action with Jesus I dare
To approach You, Mighty One, with offerings and love*

Because Jesus The Son reigns from Above
Sent Love to alight on us by The Dove
When we meet in Christ, you hear us when we pray*
So Come Lord Jesus, be here with us today.


I am Peace for you
Beginning and the End
I am Lamb for you
Savior and your friend

Gather Father,
speak words of  consecration
under the steeple, say your Great Amen

Speak    of your freedom
sing out Alleluias
Welcome me there in sweet Hosannas


Oh I love and appreciate You
and I’m honored to even celebrate You
And in prayer I want to meet You
to talk to You and beseech You

So with words I’ve tried to greet You,
but I think that I’ll repeat You
You’re Too Marvelous for Words.
You understand I’m just a poor sinner

+ +

You’re Too Marvelous for Words.
Yet with heavenly chorus      and saints
and Church on earth
And led in The Saviour
we speak forth     in our New Birth


HESED (a Hebrew word): a good, working definition of hesed is: the consistent, ever-faithful, relentless, constantly-pursuing, lavish, extravagant, unrestrained, furious love of our Father God!   It is this love, demonstrated through the life and death of our Savior Jesus Christ, which has shaped our lives and made us who we are today — a people filled with joy and confidence who know the source of life, who are living the way life was meant to be lived.

NAPTHALI (a Jewish Tribe):  Of the north, near Galilee region.  Genesis 49: 21.
The blessing to Naphtali popped out at me: “Naphtali is a deer let loose; he uses beautiful words.”  In the many Masses I’ve prayed, I realize that each liturgy has been conversing with Heaven in Jesus, and receiving from Heaven, Living Bread.  In Mass prayers, God looks to engage us in Kingdom living, and speaking, to have us be loosened from the many things that are idolic and in the selfish-temporal.   We can be freed into the eternal, to use beautiful words and to drink from the Stream of the Spirit.   How have I used my tongue in ways of blessing and good this week?  In Mass, we start to speak in beauty.
Mere words would not be enough.   We participate in Christ, therefore they are Sacrament, graced in power.   “I love you” means something when you can also show it as you say it, to engage in the manner of loving. Then the words have power.  Mass provides this.