Solution! To Ending Texting While Driving

I must admit it.  I was caught by another driver and family when I was reading a text in my vehicle.  They saw me doing it.  They beeped “hello,” as they were driving besides me in the other lane.  I had to look up and over at them.  I waved.  (We knew one another.)  Oooops. Guilty!  Caught reading my phone text. Bad on me.  We were stuck on Rt. 301 South going at a slowed-to-a-crawl pace, while heading south to the church (it gets so congested now between Rt. 50 and Central Avenue!), but I shouldn’t be texting in the car even in those ‘safer’ situations.  Busted!    I will try to leave the phone alone from now.

Since texting while road driving IS risky and dangerous, many states and cities have passed laws making it illegal.  In DC it is illegal. In Maryland it is illegal.   (Though I wasn’t writing or sending a text, reading a text in the car isn’t right either.)

Communications companies have their “people” working on a new way for motorists to get messages to their cars of which would be safer, and by means that do not come by phone or computer.

The Post-It company has arrived with the solution.   A person can even get hundreds of messages to their car, while on the road going somewhere.    Here is the test car for the Post-It product.  Take a look.

It should be revolutionary.


post-it-car    You can get messages in various colors, and most cars will be able to accommodate hundreds of messages.   Like texts, the post-its will need to be short.

The Post-It company must have invented newer and stronger sticky backs to those “notes” now, as these ones will have to withstand 70 mph road speeds.

Can you see and read the one by the driver’s door?  “Don’t forget the milk, Dave!”

A Generous Organ Donor

Somebody in a church congregation came over to a fellow parishioner and asked:  “May I pose to you a serious question that you may not have pondered before?”  The one posing the question had a friendly and trusting face, so the person answered:  “Yes, you may ask your personal question.  What is it?”

They replied:  “Mostly when people in the Catholic Faith pass away, they have not thought about what they could leave behind to the benefit of their church, much less to the benefit of the world.   I’d like to ask you if you have ever considered becoming an organ donor?”

You see, it was “Temple of the Body” month in the Archdiocese and a campaign by its Archbishop was underway for people to think compassionately on donating human body parts to science and to other people in need for the common good of humanity.  Catholics had often assumed they needed to be buried fully intact, and the Archbishop’s campaign wanted his flock to understand that organ donation or cadaver donation could be a final act of one’s being merciful or helpful to others in humankind.  This week, unapparent to some parishioners, was the day presentatives were outside in church vestibules looking for interest…

The rather healthy, though aging man, looked at the questioner and smiled, saying: “You know, I am already been an organ donor.  I figured I needn’t have waited until I passed away to be generous of myself.  But I thought the pastor was keeping my donation a secret for now.”

The questioner asked further, wondering if the man was, perhaps, an eye donor through the Lions International, or a Heart or Blood Donor  person with the Red Cross.   “So, what will you pass on, if may I ask?  Which organ is it?  Have you made arrangements on your driver’s license and with your family for the immediate removal of your vitals?”

With now a confused look, the donor said:  “They dare not take away what I have already given for posterity!!  I intend it to be a long-lasting gift here!”       Now the questioner was confused– blurting: “-But they have to remove it for it to be of use to others.  You surely understand that.  And it needs to be in your living will.”  (The questioner was thinking that the donating man didn’t realize that eyes or a heart or liver or another precious organ had to be extracted from the body quickly at the time of death.  To offer one’s organ was generous, but it was with the understanding that communication and expediency and clear arrangements had to be all in place when “the time” had arrived.  One’s organs could be the dire need of another human person’s body and their survival.)

The man being questioned said:  “Now, I must say that I shouldn’t allowed you to ask all of this of me.  Certainly you have upset me!  And, the pastor has made it clear to me, noone will ever take my donated organ out of this church!  It’s part of the arrangement.”  The questioner didn’t follow him, saying:  “What? Out of this church?  No, you see, it has to be done way before you are laid out in this church for your Mass of Christian Burial. Days before.”

The man, still upset, replied:  “It would especially be important to me, that my organ be present for my Mass of Christian Burial!  And I have arranged how it shall make my Mass be a great send off!  Let me go show you.   I asked the pastor to put my organ donation upstairs in the choir loft.  It’s in a special place.   It hasn’t been used yet, and noone saw it brought up there last week.”     0702131812 up the choir loft they went….

Now the questioner was really confused.  “What? Your organ is kept upstairs?!”  (He was guessing, maybe this guy donated a kidney already.  But what would it be doing in a church?  Was there a proper refrigeration unit for storage upstairs?  And, if so, why? However, he just followed the man up the church staircase to find the answer, as the donor explained,)

The donor said: “—-you really need to keep it a secret that I was the one who gave this.  It cost me $400,000 but I am told its pipes are exquisite.  It has 3 manuals and 36 ranks.”

“What?!”   I don’t get it.

What’s there to get?  I have donated the church a new organ.





0702131824-1And here it is!

Nice, isn’t it?   It’s a Bedient Opus 89 Organ.   Quite a pipe organ.  And I am donating it to this church.   It will be played at my funeral.   The church needed a new organ, so I am its anonymous donor.  An organ donor.


A Summer Drive in your 2013 faith vehicle (what?!)

My own Christian Car “Ad”

Hey, there’s nothing like a Summer Drive in a great vehicle, huh?  In this Year of Faith, what are you spiritually driving?
Hi, this is St. Anthony of Padua.   Can I help you find The Ride of the 2013 Summer?  After all, do you what to go places this Summer?  What not in a ride in Christianity by Catholic?  This is great vehicle of Summer 2013.  Take to the Highway to Heaven in a Summer adventure you’ll remember forever.   Drive behind the the will (wheel) of God, with superb handling on the chassis of the Church and God’s dependable truths.   You’ll get mileage in the Sacraments that can impress any mpg stats.   Your GPS (God’s Piloting Spirit) is totally reliable to find the best route to your best life.   The Scriptures and the Catechism and other holy reading is your fuel to take you further onto the Kingdom of God.   Sightseeing your life in Christ and His beautiful plans for your heart and mind is like a drive by the ocean or through a national park– it’s just exhilirating to know God is with you and that He has things to show you.  You won’t need car washes–this vehicle is cleaned of heart– at every Mass you make.  If necessary, receive Reconciliation, if any road damage occurs, but you’ll be fixed up faster than you can say AAA.  So get in and join what millions already have called– an incomparable Christ-life. It’s a ride on the open gospel parkway.  Faith is your joy on This Ride. Safety also is our concern.  The 2013 Christianity by Cadillac Catholic comes with self-loading “heir” seatbelts, sensor interior and exterior lighting, and automatic warning lights on the dash for when you’ve made a bad turn into heresy or falsehood.   While in meditation, just put the vehicle in cruise control in The Spirit.  With a strong exterior craftmanship to deal with worldliness and rough roads–you’ll be ready for all-terrains and long-distances, too.   The Vehicle of Faith It has a great ac system for the “heir of Christ” and you’ll Beat the Heat for sure. This ride also has a sound system that can bring the peace that passes understanding to your mind and soul and the upbeat encouragement that puts joy in your drive.   So, it’s time for the Summer.  And It’s Christianity by Catholic.  Your Year of Faith is now.