Cherry Blossoms on Saturday, 9th Anniversary Tuesday


The past weekend the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom, if only for a few days or even precious hours. I went down to see them last Saturday.  It was the first visit in a few years, maybe even back to 2004.

It is a special occurrence for us in the D.C. area. to see these colors.

That 2004 year happened to be the one when the Lord brought my father home to Himself.  (The Cherry Blossoms reminded me of that particular Spring.) On Tuesday, April 16th, it was the 9th anniversary of Deacon T. Kevin Barry’s death (Dad). I celebrated a Mass for Dad tonight in the regular Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Mass. Mom attended the Mass. It was at the altar where he prayed many Masses at St. Edward the Confessor as its deacon. This time around, it was his son praying at the same altar– for him (again). Rest in Glory, Dad.    May the Blossoms of Heaven be eternally yours.     Your son.