1976 Confirmation in St. Edward’s Church

As we celebrate our 40th year as a parish, we took a look to see who was confirmed in 1972, 73, 74 & 75–in our pre-church days.  Msgr. Gatta received just Adult and RCIA candidates for Confirmation in that time, but in 1976, with our church built up, we had our first “class” of confirmands.   Here is the list, plus the names of their patron saint is in the middle.  I notice that Edward was chosen twice by boys in that class of the church being ‘christened.’             +

Donna Marie Bridget Amaral

Pamela Mara Baron

Patrice Marette Baron

Paul Anthony Michael Crisci

Karen Ann Cunningham

Catherine Louise Marie Daubel

JoAnn Christina DePacel

William James John Eaton

Tony Patrick Eiser

Sheila Mary Flynn

Dion Arthur Edward Frye

Victor Kenneth Paul Gonzales

Joseph Patrick Hufnell

Joanne M. Kathryn Johnson

Lisa M. Ann Johnson

Sara Ann Elizabeth Seton Johnson

Sophie S. Joanna Klinitski

Elzabeth A. Catherine Kowalski

Glen S. John Kowalski

Bernard Paul Mulhern

John Raymond John Polchin

Lisa Mary Polka

Charles Blaine John Proctor

Ann Charlotte Marie Radley

Theodore Edward Edward Rushin

Martino Peter Seppi

Valerie Diane Seppi

David Bruce David Stevens

Donna Leigh Anastasia Stevens

Kathy Carol Yvette Sweet

Lisa Carol Christine Sword

Randall Robert Randall Sword

Marie Ann Taubert

Sue Ellen Marie Thiess

Jess Andrew Trias

Do you notice any family names you know/knew of back then?   The saint’s list is a little different for 1976.  This list also contains some middle names on it.   John, Ann and Marie were popular saints then.

Parish Confirmation reminds us of our saintly connections

In the May blogs will be a photo of our 2013 Confirmation Class of St. Edward the Confessor parish.   They are a good looking holy bunch.

When we have our Confirmations each Spring in the parish, it is interesting to see which patron saint each candidate will choose.      I have printed the teen candidates’ names, with their saint’s name in the middle.          (I’ll add more comments after the list…)


Kayle Michael Balbuena

Anthony John Caliando

Saul Pedro Calungsod Cervantes

Alex Sebastian Cordon

Tatiana Elizabeth Ann Seton Crawl

Vincent Lorenzo Ruiz Duhig

Kashiana Francis of Assisi Duran

Stephen Isador the Farmer Dziwura

Nicholas Maximilian Kolbe Ferony

Jenna Margaret Seraphina Haefeli

Tyler Peter Hamilton

Jordan Joseph John

Megan Cecilia Keister

Cynthia Cecelia King

Gabriel John Paul Marino

Kathleen Cecilia Martin

Bailey Michael Meehan

Nicholas Michael Mendez

Milan Gertrude Miller

Chukwukamso Anthony Onwumechili

Franklin Luke Parks

Raphael Sebastian Roman

Simon Anthony Snellings

Jamie Marie-Rose Durocher Sullivan

Langston Jerome Wooten

Angela Benedicta Yang

One can see that the Archangels (Michael) are popular for their patron call for support, as well as the patrons of music (Cecelia), and of sports (Sebastian).  Anthony also was chosen more than once.  The recent pope (Blessed John Paul) was picked by a candidate for his patron, two Filipino saints made the list, including the very recently named one (Pedro), and the patron of the internet was chosen by someone (Isadore).   Overall, it is an interesting and enlightening exercise to see how relevant these saints are to our Youth.   Do you know all the above saints of the Church?   

As each confirmand came forward on Monday’s (April 29) Confirmation, they offered their saint’s name, prayed, received the anointing, and exchanged peace with their modern apostle of the Church of Washington, Bishop Martin Holley.

from Fr. Barry