Bible Study in December


I went and purchased a dvd series by Fr. Robert Barron. It is called “Conversion” and it features six different sessions where we study different persons and their biblical story of how God brought conversion to their lives. We will watch it on Sunday mornings. I will offer two sessions to choice from. I’d like for a number of persons to benefit from this program. Thus, I made it to fit before or after our Sunday Masses.
The sessions last less than an hour. It consists of viewing the dvd (15 min.) and then discussing its conversion story of the week.
This week we will be studying Bartimaeus in Mark 4.

The location of the showing will be my residence across the street from the church (yellow house). Bring a Bible.

Advent “Conversion Series with Fr. Barron” Led by Fr. Barry


The parish has an Adult Bible Study on Sundays in December, with two choices of times (both will meet): 8:35 a.m. or 10:35 a.m. and it will be held at Fr. Barry’s residence at 16209 Alson Way (which is across the street from the church in the yellow ranch house on Arbor Hill/Alson Way corner residence.)

Bring a Bible if you’d like. We will be looking first at Mark 4 and the conversion of Bartimaeus by Jesus. We will start by reading it together, and then watching a 15 minute dvd program by Fr. Robert Barron (producer of the famous Catholicism series), and then discussing it together.

In general, the series studies how God calls His people to conversion. Jesus first words of ministry, as Mark records, are to say: Repent, for the kingdom is at hand.

Repent means turn around or have a change of course. God intends to lead us fully to Himself, as through His Son and by His Spirit.

We are His pilgrims, learning to come home to Him.