Beat the Heat–Part Two

When we say:  Beat the Heat  (and we are talking spiritually, of preparing for the judgment by being reconciled in Christ Jesus)  we also are wise to ask for Mary’s help, of whom Jesus has placed as a spiritual helper for us.


Today, June 13th, is one of the days of Mary’s Visits to the world in Fatima Portugal, about a century ago.   It was Mary’s second appearance to three young persons.  In the first visit, Mary told them the need for people to pray to God humbly, and of the need for Jesus’ followers to pray fervently in petition for others to turn to God.  The prayer that Our Lady of Fatima taught them to pray (and to teach others) was this little aspiration (now used in the Rosary):  “O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, and save us from the fires of hell.  Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy.”  On June 13th, 96 years ago, her message continued:  “Pray the Rosary daily!  Establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart, which she then revealed in an image of her loving heart, surrounded by thorns, outraged by the sins of humanity, and seeking reparation for them.”

You might say that today’s anniversary makes for a special message (or AD from Mary) on a better way to beat the heat than just a cool beverage purchase.   (Gatorade’s Beat the Heat solution can only last an hour!)

We believe Jesus uses His Mother Mary for purposes of leading us to eternal life.  She, after all, is the model of the obedient disciple who finds glory.  Her prayer is that her soul (and all souls) would “proclaim the greatness of the Lord, and rejoice in God (as) our Savior…Who has mercy on those who fear (revere/respect) Him in every generation.”        (Luke 1)  In the Book of Revelation, she is “the Woman clothed in the sun (not burned by it), with the moon and stars under her feet (she is raised up by God from the earthly to heavenly). ”  It’s a sign of Beating the Heat of Judgment, and rather Joining the Lord in holiness.    Wow.

Today, many non-Catholics, and too many Catholics too, spurn Mary’s help and involvement to the Church.  A Gift from Jesus at the Cross, Mary has been involved as a model of holiness for the redeemed to imitate and join in her prayer for the reparation of man to Her Son.   His Spirit is outpoured to the Church for renewal, but much sin is in the way.  Mary points out our fault in taking our sins lightly, and the world’s very imprudence to ignore her sin and the Savior’s mercy for their lives.   They turn away.

Mary “Ad” at Fatima says:  Before you get overly involved in your choice of sunscreens, sunglasses, pool memberships, beach trips and beach umbrellas, and what ice cream or gelato or shaved ice you want  (shaved ice?  that doesn’t sound appealing to me!)— consider how you are practicing your Faith and also helping the world to know how to Beat the Heat.   (Of avoiding Gehenna by a serious discipleship in Jesus.  And having Mary’s help.)


Beat the Heat

“Beat the Heat!”

I heard these three words coming across the room from my tv tonight.   I wondered:  Is it about the basketball game or the weather?   For tonight the San Antonio Spurs NBA team was playing the Miami Heat in a championship game.   No, it wasn’t about the game. It was from an ad, with an appeal was to keep oneself cool during the Summer months by being sure one had a great new a/c unit working to that end.

“Beat the Heat” is a three-word, catchy slogan used many times over this time of year.  Examples are:  Beat the Heat by getting our beverage to cool you off.   Beat the Heat by getting a swimming membership at our pool.   Beat the Heat by coming to our ice cream parlor.  Beat the Heat by buying and wearing our modern, light and new Summer outfits.  

Ahh!  We in these United States have gone to all measures of getting cool and beating the heat.   Almost all of our cars and homes and workplaces are air conditioned.   I was at an outdoor wedding party last Summer where even the tented areas and the temporary bathrooms had a/c.   At the many athletic stores about today, they feature clothes that don’t sweat with you or have sun-protection built-in to the fabric–amazing–and those items are meant to go along with wearing your $79 sunglasses.  Ah-hem! You’ll be all seat to face the sun!  At the beach, too, on vacation last year, I noted how they had dune-buggy vendors going by every twenty minutes to serve you, right there near the ocean, with Italian ices, cold sodas, and chilled ice packs for your head—just in case you were feeling the need for their relief.  They had many customers.    And, last year at a concert in Annapolis to hear Kevin Costner’s Band (yes, he travels and sings with a band between movies), he commented there that he never saw so many ice cream places in one square mile as Annapolis Wharf, saying:  “You folks must really have it hot here!  But with all this cooling off with ice cream, how do you stay slim?!”

Now a Spiritual Message to relate to this whole business of staying cool: The High Temperatures of Summer sometimes prompts a preacher to comment:  “If you think it’s hot here today– then you’ll want at all costs to avoid the fires of Gehenna!   Beat the Heat– get into Christ Jesus and His Plan.   Be Cool in Heaven forever.”  It’s a little comical but very true!  Christians have a plan to Beat the Heat–and it’s worst kind– eternal judgment of sin.   We need to keep applying humility and repentance and the pursuit of holiness and obedience to Christ in that Beat the Heat plan.

Now that’s advertising one should pay some attention to!  God’s “Ad.”

In the New Testament Scriptures, the Lord appeals to His Church about The Ultimate Relief:  Deliverance from The Fiery Furnace.  He speaks about quite many a time, as if it IS a DIRE concern for everyone.    He speaks of Himself as our protection and salvation for the oncoming problem of judgment for sin.   In repentance, we can apply His Benefit of Salvation, or enter into our being/becoming saved.  And we seriously need to come to Jesus for this help.    If we think we are fine without trusting in Him and being seriously guided by Him– then we have already started cooking in judgment.   Jesus says:  “If you remain apart from  Me, then you are already condemned. ”   This means that Jesus came to rescue us from a dire, eternal situation–one we all were already in–and change is needed by us.  We must respond.   Jesus gives us Himself to respond to–  He can save us.

This choice of being saved is one that needs to be KEPT BEING made—from an initial commitment to Christ (acceptance/baptism/starting out) to a mature faith and full measure of it (run the course to its finish).  One is not on automatic pilot as a Christian–we need to keep the Amens and Yes-affirmations coming to God from our will.   “Thy will be done” is the featured counsel of the Lord’s (Jesus) Prayer.   We are being saved by God.  We are becoming children of God.   We are being ransomed from death and the judgment of God.   Our getting from the start in salvation to our perfection in Christ is the Christian’s life trust in the Holy Spirit.


MARY HAS AN AD THAT “AIRS” EACH 13TH OF THE MONTH FROM MAY TO OCTOBER.  IT’S HER FATIMA APPARITION MESSAGES.  DO YOU KNOW THEM?  IT’S JESUS’ CAMPAIGN TO ALLOW HIS MOTHER TO HELP US ALL COME TO HIS MERCY AND BEAT THE HEAT OF THE WRATH TO COME.  SEE MY NEXT MESSAGE.    Because, today, June 13th, is one of the days of Mary’s Visits to the world in Fatima Portugal, about a century ago.   It was Mary’s second appearance to the three young persons, and she continued her message of warning and guidance to them.  It is one we still need to heed as a world.