A Child Makes Anew


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Her baptism brought together people of Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian faith.  People came from out of the USA to get here for it.   There was a great gathering in the church of St. Edward for the Sacrament, and a large gathering in the Bowie family home for a party for several hours.   Her Dad, Kendry, and her Mom, Roxana, were host to a gathering that celebrated many things come anew in having their baby girl.   Their daughter, just by her birth, has set good things anew in motion.   One new aspect was her baptism was of a Catholic father and a Greek Orthodox mother, with families from different parts of the world.  Yet, such new possibilities in families happen regularly in the Washington D.C. region of the U.S.A.    (As I see two-year-old Luke Quoch in our church crying room now, I think back to his parents, Duc and Monnette, coming together for a Summer baptism in 2011 with Buddhist and Catholic families, and Vietnamese and Filipino backgrounds.   There is a new possibility going on with Luke in every turn of his life with God, and we rejoice in it.)

Jesus likes such beginnings.  His birth as a babe brought the world anew.

He was celebrant to the baby’s baptism, using me the priest as His witness.   He was author of this baby’s life, through Kendry and Roxana’s love and union.  As Corina first peeked at the world in a Baltimore hospital on March 28th, now on June 2nd He invited His Spirit to bring a spiritual birth to His daughter, giving her first glimpses of the kingdom of God, as she was presentated to the Church by her mom and dad.   She wore a splendid baptismal gown, in remembrance of saints who are clothed in light.   She had a special family candle prepared for baptism, which was lit upon Corina’s entrance into the Body of Christ, receiving God’s Light of newness by faith.  Bogden Novacescu and Kelsie Contreras (godparents) presented the light to parents Kendry and Roxana Contreras, holding their new child.

And the church sings with the life ahead for this child:  This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Let the Little Children Come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom belongs to such as these.   –Jesus