Ripping Weather

Tornados are usually associated with mid- America, and not the DC area.   We look at the sudden devastation and carnage with alarm, but from a distance.  It must be a terrible thing to lose one’s residence upon a ripping storm of wind.

I was in a Rockville Md. restaurant a couple of weeks back when the DC area went into sudden alarm.   Nearly every cell phone near me went buzzing in the early- warning mode.  It turned out that the wind storm hit elsewhere, such as upon Gonzaga High School (near DC’s Union Station), tearing off a chapel roof. Other places in Maryland/D.C. received damage.

The National Weather Service says that their detection services only give minutes in warning time, and they are reluctant to give false warnings out in a half- hour/ hour’s lead, except in super cell cases. The regular funnels in the sky form quite unpredictably.

People feel quite helpless with this info.  At least in mid- America, as in Oklahoma, they have shelters built for the expected tornados of the year.   Yet who can be ready for life’s storms?

Spiritually, we know that we will have our physical sufferings and calamities to last through, but the Great Storm to fear is for any person to go against the Lord in the end.  Jeremiah 23:19 says “Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord’s indignation shall come forth, and a tempest shall break out and come upon the head of the wicked.”

The Lord will reveal a fury on those who have dared flaunt His laws, as in committing the deadly sins.  Jeremiah’s Word of the Lord addressed those Israelites who had fallen from grace in following false prophets of idolatry.  They were sooooooo guilty before God in their bad sin.  Yet, in 2017 we Christians are also caught up in some serious business before God, in our falling into temptation in joining the modern world of idolatry and falseness, with all its associated pain.

For example, the culture is drug abusive, child eliminating, and greed run.   That right there would have a Jeremiah word to earth today.  The drug culture is everywhere,  bringing bad crime with it, such as here in Maryland.  We are guilty as Marylanders of it dominating society.   I think of Baltimore’s homicide reports being up so high already in 2017.   Protecting innocent life is also lost to us in society, with the rampant abortions still going on in America of millions of children gone (including Maryland or DC babies).  But what of how bad greed is– “the lust of money is the root of all evil” says the Word to us today, as we pursue it as a god, and watch some of our more powerful or talented people be sorely tempted into terrific sin of hidden corporate greed, as it does serious harm upon any people in their path.  Love of others is little considered here.

Whether it is personal sin or what is done in our society, there very obvious things in which such a prophetic message like Jeremiah 23:19 could be levied upon us, with Heaven saying:  “Stop!” “Repent of these ways!”  “Follow Me, not these false gods.  Turn to Me and be saved!– (while you can).”

There is a storm coming upon evildoers that needs immediate attention and address on this earth.  God is a judge of truth.   He will come in truth one day and nothing of darkness will be able to last before Him.  The Lord reigns and He sends His word down to us now:  ‘Be humbled, O people, I, your God, AM a force not to be reckoned with.  If you think a reckless wind storm in your fallen world is bad, then you are little prepared for what is so much greater and devastating. Amen.’

That was a spiritual message that God was looking to get across to me, and pass on.

In finish, in this blog entry, I look at a funnel picture from the newspaper, and I see a another similar message in it:  ‘Warn My people of my wrath.  Have them come to find shelter in My Mercy.  Lead them to repent, while they still can, to find their refuge in Me.’

Or, in the words of the old rock band BTO, whose song I just heard on the XM 70’s channel, the world’s storm winds are bad, but The Lord’s are…. well… You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.



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