Patron saints at Confirmation

7864_1In this start of May up to now, we ( the DRE and I) conducted our 2018 Confirmation class interviews with parish teens.   We meet with them a year before their Sacrament time so to perk their interest for preparing for this grace and blessing.  Their summer assignment will be to research and choose a good saint for the patronage in life.  After picking the saint, there are to begin praying along with that saint’s intercession.  They are also to begin working on a poster/display/report on their saint, so to present at the parish Saint Fair near All Saints Feast day.

We keep the interest up in the saints through the year with a pilgrimage to the Basilica Shrine of Mary, where I try to feature saints and patrons on my tour with them of the Church.  ( We usually go on Veterans Day holiday.) Then, next April or May 2018, the Confirmands will receive the Sacrament under the patronage of this great believer in history, whom they have chosen.

In a 2017 Confirmand saint presentation, a young man in the class chose St. Thomas Aquinas for his saint.  His poster featured nine windows of facts for the inquirer to ‘ ‘calculate’ how, what, when and why TA became a saint.  He chose the saint as his own model to grow in wisdom and knowledge in the Church and in Jesus Christ.  We were impressed by the boy’s grasp of Aquinas.  He also really “got it” how saints CAN be our heavenly friends.    imag0742IMAG1050_1IMAG1049_1

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