Nats Win- Remain secure in 1st

On a Mother’s Day night game, Michael Taylor of the Nationals hits an 8th-inning 2 run homer into the LF fair pole, helping the NATS come from behind, win, and send Nats mothers and fans to bed happy.  IMAG1259_1

I watched it on TV.  I just love the baseball season, with so many games to watch.  The Nats are mostly winning, making it real enjoyable.   In the post game comments by the manager, Dusty Baker, (pic below), imagine his comment, like: ‘… that was a Taylor-made ending”   or  “He was trying to hit that ball to his mother, who lives on Capitol Hill.  We settled on it just being a homer.  But we’ll make sure his Mom gets the ball.’   or “Did you fans know that Wow turned upside down spells Mom?!  Wow, what a night!’

IMAG1258_1.Nats 6, Phils 5= final score.

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