An Under Construction Prayer

0710131318 0710131321   Using an event in my life, involving jackhammers, mixer trucks, tractors, levels, and cement:  I offer this up to God today.  DRIVEWAY PRAYER

Open the driveway to my heart, Lord.    Renew the entrance to my life.  I want to welcome You.  I want You to easily drive in and drop by for a visit.  So, I will have some work done to that end, in Your Holy Spirit, the Regenerator, the Renewer of my life.

Open the driveway to my heart, Lord.    Make new the way into my heart and home, I want to have You there often, and the presence of Your many friends too, to my life.

Get out the jackhammer and pummel the entranceway from the road of life.  Clear out the old, bring in the new.   Lay new cement and smooth it out Lord, that the way in to visit it me by new and good.

I pray for the new entranceway to be right and true.   I welcome Your coming to see me anew.   Thank You and bless You.   Alleluia.

Open the driveway of my heart, Lord!  And may You and all friends find a new and smooth welcome here to me.


the City of Bowie is redoing the 1970 driveways for residents in my neighhborhood.  Observe my new one and the neighbors new one across the road.

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