14th Station Meditation

Jesus is laid in the tomb.  IMAG1095_1

Some final male figures emerge at the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry to publicly show their belief upon Him.  They show that , before one’s own death, it’s never too late to believe upon the Lord.

The two men here, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithea, assist in the respectful burial of Jesus.  They reveal their faith, love and loyalty to Him in this action.  Both were leading Jewish figures, showing that not all the leading Jews had conspired to crucify Christ.  Jesus had followers among the leaders, too, though they feared coming out in strong public witness for Him.  But the Love Story of God in Christ Jesus Crucified compelled these two men to even take care of The Lord’s burial.  It even turned out that Joseph of Arimethea had a nearby cave in his ownership.  There they placed Jesus’ body.  Nicodemus, who had followed Jesus secretly (see John 3), was now unashamed to show all his trust in Jesus.

Nick’s conversion might move us out of our own reservations to witness for Jesus.  Are we loving, or timid, or in- between evangelizers for The Faith in Jesus Christ?

Joseph was a well-off person, showing that the financially sound can be wise and humbled, too, in the Offer of Jesus.  Jesus gives what money (nor poverty) cannot buy.  It is the surrendered heart that becomes rich.

The other latecomer believers in the story were Dismas, the repentant thief and defender of Jesus, on a cross besides Jesus’ one.  Jesus promised paradise to him.  Also, in a last-second joining to Christ, was the centurion who had pierced Jesus’ side with a lance. When the Blood and water spilled onto him, he was converted, saying: “Truly, this was the Son of God.”

We might pray that Jesus’ Body and Blood (in sacrament) do a work in us to have us further testify to Christ among us.  Let us draw people to Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament.  He said: ” I AM the Bread of Life… anyone who partakes and eats in this Bread, my flesh, will live forever.”(Jn. 6)


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