13th Station Meditation

Jesus is taken down from The Cross.


There is no more sorrowful a scene on earth than this one.   The great artist Michelangelo made a masterpiece of it in his Pieta work.

One can imagine the hours and days and months that this artist used to try to “see” the moment.   Here in this station, we pause to consider the same dear, real moment in history, with Jesus’ bloody body in death, in Mary’s arms, on Golgotha, with St. John standing by, “the one Jesus loved.”

While we can’t penetrate this Sorrowful Mystery with full understanding,  as even Michelangelo learned, perhaps putting ourselves in this scene as John, as another “one Jesus loved,” we can show our compassion for the Sacred Heart so wounded , and for Mary’s Immaculate Heart, so pierced here for her Son.




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